; Marodi International

Pasta connoisseurs choose Marodi.

Our pasta is made from top-quality durum wheat meal, which contains 30-50% more proteins than regular wheat.

In order to achieve this top quality, we dry the pasta slowly at temperatures lower than usual, which best preserves its nutritious properties, making the pasta easily digestible.


For our pasta with eggs, we use fresh eggs exclusively – five eggs per kilogram of durum wheat meal.

The way we make our pasta is like a modern craft production. We do not use any additives, food colouring or preservatives.

We use bronze tools to make certain pasta shapes. The surface of such pasta is rougher in order for the sauce to coat it better.


We implement the highest global manufacturing standards – we work in accordance with the principles of the HACCP system, and are proud of our highest IFS certificate score.

(International Food Standard High Level)