; About us – Marodi International


The top quality of the Marodi pasta is its chief distinguishing characteristic. It is based on two key elements: the high quality of its ingredients and the quality of its manufacturing process.

Since 2006, we have been working in line with the principles of the HACCP system. In 2013 we received the High-Level IFS (International Food Standard) Certificate, a reputable attestation to the high quality and safety of the Marodi manufacturing systems and the products itself, in accordance with the TÜV NORD CERT procedures. In 2019, we scored as much as 99.5%.


Quality is the strategic underpinning of our development. Quality raw materials, modern technology, constant control and professional employees guarantee a top-quality product.
Tradition and our country give us strength and know-how. Our people and our region are a major incentive for us to achieve our aims.

Responsibility toward consumers, employees and associates, suppliers and the environment is our advantage. We are aware of that responsibility, so we are committed and serious about our work.
Learning is a path to improvement and growth. Focus and determination lead to excellence.